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A new classic is born. For the person who wants it all. Unrivaled peripheral vision, extraordinary metal detailing, superior nylon lens quality with magnet technology, the Model Nine takes everything to the next level and comes delivered with two lenses so you can change depending on the weather or if you just want another look. Brown base lens with dark bronze mirror for sunny days and a warm gradient brown lens for days with less light (fades from light brown to clear)


Model Nine is our most advanced goggle to date and it is equipped with Yniqs new Magnetic Dynamic Lens Technology (MDLT) that helps you to adjust to nature by swapping lenses faster than ever. Super strong magnets keeps the lens in place and makes lens changes a breeze. The magnetic force is strong. May the force be with you. On Model Nine we have expanded our award-winning (ISPO awards 2015/2016) peripheral vision technology to give you even further peripheral vision to give you the widest peripheral vision in any snow-goggle produced. It’s not a marketing gimmick, it’s a fact. Made in Italy. It’s very much in the details. The frame is compatible with most helmets on the market. The extra wide strap is coated on the inside with silicone so they will not slip. Self Supporting Modular Outriggers are essential to the design. They are of stainless steel and their intricate shape created through metal powder injection molding. Pins and screws are CNC turned stainless steel. The very flexible and temperature stable frame is made of BASF Elastollan S85A. The super Widescreen HDTM lens provides you with the increased panoramic field that is unique to Yniq. The lens gives you 100% protection against UVA, UVB and other harmful rays. The Yniq double lens configuration with advanced anti-fog treatment on the inside and market leading anti-scratch and oilophobic treatments on the outer surface. Discretion? Not so much. Model Nine is all about appearance and performance

Product info

Outer lens is made of Widescreen HDTM nylon- this provides our unique panoramic field of vision, an overall clearer field of sight, along with being lighter than a polycarbonate lens

• Market leading anti-scratch and oil-phobic treatments

• Inner lens is made of acetate for advanced anti-fog protection

• Machine cut gasket creates the ultimate seal between the inner and outer lenses

• 100% protection against UVA, UVB, and other harmful rays

• Dynamic Lens Technology (DLT) helps you adjust to nature by swapping lenses faster than ever with high grade magnets

• Peripheral Vision Technology (PVT)

• Every goggle includes an additional low light lens