"Sine Amore Nihil" - a Latin expression meaning "Without love, life is pointless."


  • "These goggles are like handbags, you can’t have too many."
  • ”OMG even the packaging is superior to all other brands”
  • “The difference between Yniq and other premium goggles are mindblowing, Yniq really is next level performance”
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As humans, we love to evolve. To be better, smarter, and more efficient in doing things we need to live life to the fullest. Model Nine is just that. Evolvement. Bold looking design, unrivaled peripheral vision, extraordinary metal details, amazing nylon lenses, and magnetic lens technology, Model Nine takes everything to the next level. An extra lens is included for days with lesser light or when you just want to change your look.


It's in the details, not in the big logos. Model Four, with our patented side windows for extended peripheral vision, is one of the most advanced goggles on the market and they are for sure the best looking too.


Ultra-clean minimalistic Swedish design in conjunction with Italian craftsmanship makes these goggles special. The shape of this innovative frame makes it possible to wear these goggles over most prescription glasses.


A classic timeless look in combination with discrete luxury, the most advanced materials, and tons of style. The design has been optimized for maximum peripheral vision. With these models, Yniq is claiming the premium segment of snow/sports goggles.


When we designed "the shield" we took inspiration for the shape from our iconic goggle Model Four and the intricate metal parts from Model Nine. We spared nothing and optimized high end materials for the best performance and weight. Billed aluminum parts were needed to achieve our goals. This shield takes everything to the next level. Made in Italy. 


When Lindsey Vonn designed her first sunglasses she wanted something special. These frames are for the fashionista who wants it all. Unrivalled quality and clear vision, extraordinary metal details, superior nylon lens quality and optical performance, this frame put performance in fashion. Made in Italy.