Exclusive Ski Goggles Capsule Collection for GUCCI Vault’s curated Assortment: “Vault Altitude”

Sending you down the slopes with style and confidence, the Yniq capsule collection for Vault hits the perfect balance of sport and luxury. Together, Yniq, the Swedish innovators of luxury and design-forward eye protection, and Vault, Gucci’s experimental concept store for creative and explorative brand synergies, create a dynamic interplay where high-fashion carves a winning line down the mountain resulting in a unified chorus that makes its presence known through striking colors.

An experimental online store, Vault was created in 2021. Free-dimensional and forever in flux, it is a place where past, present, and future coexist through the power of imagination. Its name evokes an air of magic, denoting a pursuit of precious wonders that go beyond the confines of time, and its virtual shelves host a careful curation of rare vintage Gucci pieces alongside capsule collections, limited-edition styles, and other items from a selection of noteworthy brands. Vault also acts as an emissary of Gucci’s presence within the metaverse, evolving by creating with the web3-based community. NFT collectibles and virtual experiences join the platform’s offering, as Vault expands in all directions to push beyond the traditional and the purely transactional.

YNIQ x Gucci Vault

"Sine Amore Nihil" - a Latin expression meaning
"Without love, life is pointless."