We love life and the mountains are our playground. We expect quality and perfection at every turn. We believe functional excellence goes hand in hand with best-in-class design. You can’t have one without the other. We invest at every turn because no cost is too great when driving innovation.

With innovation comes perfection and perfection is the ultimate luxury.

We Are Yniq

As producers of the most innovative and design forward eye protection on the planet, we know that creating great products isn’t done in a design studio, but on the mountain with those who use the product day in and day out. Our products are 100% designed and developed by some of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders; both world champions and those who ride simply for the passion of it all.

Aiming For Perfection

To achieve superior function and quality we spare no expense. We select only the best-in-class materials and cost is no object; to deliver the best you must build with the best. This mantra has been at the core of Yniq since Jon Olsson and Mikael Kenson founded the company and remains our guiding light for development. Our strong belief and vision compelled Lindsey Vonn, former ski-alpine world champion, to join Yniq as a shareholder and member of the development team.

Compromise Is Not In Our DNA

We exist to build the best goggles for all skiers and snowboarders worldwide. Based in Sweden, with offices and partnerships around the globe, Yniq delivers best in class design, with technologically superior optics to provide our consumers an unparalleled visual experience.